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NEW! 66% Brighter Safety Light: Cateye Rapid X (TL-LD700)

Product features: – Model: TL-LD700R – 6 flashing modes – Light source: COB LED – Sleek Design – Low battery indicator and battery alert function – All weather use – USB Rechargeable (2 hours) – Max 30 hours run time – 151m visibility – For diameter: 12m – 32mm (rubber band mount) – Made in Japan

Popular! 50 Lumens Bike Taillight – Japan Cateye Volt 50

Cateye Bike Taillight - VOLT 50 (feature)

Specifications: Dimension: 115 X 31 X 38mm Weight: 120 grams (light unit and battery) Light source: High intensity Red LED Battery: Lithium Ion Runtime: Approx 20hrs (flashing), 8hrs (Constant) Modes Constant/ Flash/ Hyper Constant/ Pulse Other: Seat rail mount is included Rechargeable / Discharge times:* 300 times (until drop to 70% capacity). 6 hrs recharge via […]

Bicycle Safety Tail Lights: Cateye Auto Reflex

Cateye Reflex Auto Tail Lights
[one_half][/one_half] [one_half_last][/one_half_last]   [one_half][/one_half] [one_half_last][/one_half_last] Product specifications: Dimension: 81.4 X 44.3 X 30.3mm Weight: approx. 82g Light Source: 5 Red LEDs Battery: AAA x 2 Runtime / Modes: Constant (30H), Flashing (100H), Rapid (60h), Long-life (120H), Pulse mode (30H). Mount size: 21.5 – 31.8mm Recommended: Rear bike carrier /folding bike carrier Sorry, this model has […]

Cateye Combo Set: Night Kit (Hot Buy)

Cateye combo set - Night Kit

Combo NIGHT Kit includes HL-EL135 Headlight – 3 White Bright LEDs – Flashing 320hours – Constant 80 hours – Inclusive 2xAA Batteries TL-LD 630R (Rapid 3) Tail Light – 3 RED Bright LEDs – Super Bright middle LED – 3 Modes: Rapid (Like police), Flashing, Constant – Rapid mode 200 hours – Inclusive 1x AAA Batteries […]

Combo set – Cateye Go Kit

Cateye Go Kit Combo

The latest Cateye combo set called – Go Kit. This combo set is design for those just want to have a simple safety lighting kit for night or early morning ride. It also include the 7 functions cyclometer – Velo 7 which enable to record your journey such as total distance, average speed, etc. It […]

Bike Safety Light! Cateye – Omni 3

Cateye Omni 3 Taillight

The Omni 3 rear light tail provides 360 degrees of visibility and New Omni Directional Technology increases safety while three modes – rapid, flashing and constant. Dimension: 36.0 X 75.0 X 21.9mm Weight: 41.6 grams (light unit and battery) Light source: Red LED X3 Battery: AAA alkaline battery X2 Runtime: Approx 100hrs in constant, 150hrs in flashing, […]

Bicycle Safety Taillight: Cateye Rapid 3 TL-LD-630

Maximum attention. Three modes allow you to customize your visibility. Usual:  Rm 109 | Offer: RM 99 (incl. GST) Dimension: 66.0 X 23.0 X 43.0mm Weight: approx 61 grams (with bracket and batteries) Light source:  Red LED X3 Battery: AA alkaline battery X1 Runtime: Approx 3hrs in constant, 80hrs in flashing, and 20hrs in rapid mode Mount size: φ12.0~32.0mm (FlexTight SP-11) […]