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10 Awesome Holiday Gift Ideas for cyclist

We know there’s some of you out there who are short on time and would prefer a simple, quick list of ideas with no commentary so we offer you guys this list. There’s no RM1,000 gift on this list, we’ve tried to keep it pretty reasonable! We’re sure you’ll find something awesome in whatever price […]

T-ONE Bar End Handle Grip – Bricko II RS (T-GP09)

Specifications: Combination of Eagle eye bar-end and Bricko ll grip. Using Eagle eye to clamp the grip instead of the outer clamping ring. Material: TPR / Plastic inner body / Aluminum barend / clamp Length: 94,104,124,134……..mm. Weight: 290g / pair Color:Black RRP Rm 179 | Offer: RM 159 (incl. GST) Image source: www.t-onedesign.com

T-ONE Handle Grip – Bricko (T-GP01)

Specifications: The modular design allows you to increase the length by adding 10mm spacers from the basic length 94mm upon to 134mm. The unique twisted spacer form gives an extra gripping power in order to have a more maneuverable ride. Material:TPR / Plastic inner body / Aluminum clamp Length : 94,104,114mm…,etc Weight : 132g / […]