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8 Things You Should Know About Folding Bikes

8 things you should know about folding Bike

One of the most frequently asked questions when customers come into our shop is “What is the best folding bike?”. To be honest, the best folding bike depends on your real needs. Some good questions would be “What’s the most affordable folding bike?”, “What’s the lightest folding bike”, “What’s the most basic folding bike for […]

16″ Folding Bike – XDS FA16

[slider] [pane] [/pane] [pane] [/pane] [pane] [/pane] [pane] [/pane] [pane] [/pane] [pane] [/pane] [/slider] XDS is a Aluminum Folding Bike – FA 16 is a limited small size folding bike that design for those demand simplicity of riding around the garden park or commuting purposes. Over 90% of parts components are made of alloy/aluminum material, […]