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Compact! Amsterdam City Bike – VANMOOF – 20″ T Black (11.5kg, Dual-Speed)

All you need for a daily commute! The T-Series is a brand new concept in the VANMOOF portfolio: a functional and innovative bike designed for densely populated cityscapes. Imagine having all benefits that a regular VANMOOF has to offer, combined with the practical advantage of a compact version of the striking VANMOOF frame. Top Features: […]

Amsterdam Urban City Bikes – VANMOOF B3 (Sturmey Archer 3 speed)

All you need for a daily commute! With ‘San Francisco suitability’ in mind, the VANMOOF B-Series is equipped with all the technology necessary for a daily commute on tougher terrain. Combining a new lightweight aluminium frame with a comfortable three-speed gear system, the new Vapour White B-Series is the perfect match for the worldwide commuter. […]

Amsterdam Urban City Bikes – VANMOOF S3 (Shimano Alfine 8 speed)

The Vanmoof S3 was developed with the world’s most discerning bicycle commuters in mind. The lightweight yet tough S3 is the pinnacle of urban adaptability. The S3 excels on both short rides to a local café and on journeys that push this Shimano-equipped, deep grey bike to its city limits. The S3 combines a new […]