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10 Awesome Holiday Gift Ideas for cyclist

We know there’s some of you out there who are short on time and would prefer a simple, quick list of ideas with no commentary so we offer you guys this list. There’s no RM1,000 gift on this list, we’ve tried to keep it pretty reasonable! We’re sure you’ll find something awesome in whatever price […]

Popular! BnB Bike Carrier: Genesis

Bnb Bike Car Carrier - Genesis

  Product highlights: Product specifications: +    GENESIS – BC-6418-3KN +    Mounts to sedan and hatchback +    Built with high strength steel and reinforced plastics +    Sandy black powder coated +    Folds flat for compact size +    Full colored box package & guide +    1 year warranty +    TUV +    3 bikes capacity +    45kg weight […]

Best Seller! BnB Bike Carrier: Aerorack

Bnb Bike Carrier - Aerorack

  Product technology: + Model: AERORACK (BC-6301-3E) + Mounts to sedan, hatchback and S.U.V + Built with high strength steel, aluminum alloy and reinforced plastics + Matte black with anodized sandy silver finish + Unique aerodynamic style + Full colored box package & installation guide + 1 year warranty + TUV certified – NR110510090 + 3 bikes capacity […]

NEW! Bnb Bike Car Carrier: Ranger Pro

Bnb Bike Car Carrier - Ranger Pro

Product highlights:  Product specifications: + Mounts to car with spare tyre + Built with high strength steel and reinforced plastics + Adjustable arms to offset your off-centred tyre + 1 year warranty + 2 bikes capacity + 30kg weight restriction + Tools not required + Patented anti-sway multifaceted bike holders + Unique arm design + […]

Tough BnB Bike Car Carrier: Swift Touring

Bnb Bike Car Carrier - Swift Touring

  Product highlights: Product specifications: + SWIFT Touring –  BC-6416-3JS + Mounts to sedan, hatchback and S.U.V. + Built with high strength steel and reinforced plastics. + Sandy black powder coated + Full colored box package & guide + 1 year warranty + TUV – NR1105100089 + 3 bikes capacity + 45kg weight restriction + Tools […]