Fulcrum Red Power XL 27.5

Wheel size: 27.5″
Hub body: Aluminum, black anodized 24H
For 8/9/10s (Sram/Shimano)
FW axle: 9mm quickrelease / QR 15mm, 100mm width
RW axle: 10mm quickrelease, 135mm width
Adjustable bearings
Disc mount IS 2000
Coloe: Black anodized rim with red decals
Pinned joint with eyelets
Rim bead 19mm ( for tires up to 2,4″)
For clincher
Straight spokes
Nipples with self-lock system
Weight: 1740g

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In keeping with Fulcrum® tradition, a change of name means better performance: the new milled mtb rims are of a higher standard and the weight is set at 1740 g.
Thanks to the straight-head spokes and oversize hub, these mtb wheels are also extremely reliable and reactive and can be put to full use on any race track or for long cycling trips with friends.


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Fulcrum Wheels s.r.l. designs wheels and components for racing bikes, Fulcrum wheels were initially created for road racing, but in 2008 the Fulcrum family welcomed two important new members the off-road wheels, which would soon reveal themselves to be worthy of the name, and the pedal cranks for racing bikes in carbon fibre the first Fulcrum product for the high-end range components.