What type of bicycle should I buy?

Bicycling is fun and can do kind to environment at the same time. There are number of riding styles that you can do such as leisure recreational riding, backyard off-road riding / mountain biking (off-road), elite road racing, commuting to work, etc. Hence, there is no surprise that cyclist more than 1 bicycles at home.

What is your primary riding styles?

Recreation / Leisure
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Leisure and recreational riding refers to the occasional exercise for fitness when you head to resident park, city part or new town. E.g. It could be a weekend morning ride with the kids, neighbour or friends. The rides is usually on flat terrain, short and infrequent, speed is not a factor.
Bike recommendation: Folding bike /Basic Entry Mountain Bike, MTB (with gear 18/21 speed), Hybrid Bike

Off Road Riding
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Previously called mountain biking. The “off road” is mean unpaved environments include rocks, loose sand, roots, dirt. Normally mountain bikes ride on artificial off-road terrain created by any other riders. Mountain bikers usually out there to enjoy the wild and backwoods areas which require better handling skills.
Bike recommendation: MTB (front suspension, 24, 27 speed or above).

Touring/Road riding
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It refers to long distance riding for traveling or commuting to work place which require to pedal more than 30 minutes, overnight, a week ride, or even a month. The fun part of touring is creating a very relax, comfort long distance ride without speed consideration.
Bike recommendation: Hybrid Bike, MTB (change slick tires), Folding Bike (at least 16speed or more),

Road Racing
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It refers competition style of riding. For those demand for performance, speed riding style, they are require to have a reasonable lightweight road bike (racing bike) which can deliver a speed and performance in road racing event.
Bike recommendation: Racing Bike (road bike has drop bar)

“The type of riding style that you do dictate the type of bicycle to purchase.