Wear A Helmet, There is No Excuse!

We found the slogan “Wear A Helmet, There is No Excuse” from the Asia Injury Prevention(AIP) foundation. Purpose of this foundation is trying to encourage people to wear the bicycle-helmet and improve the road safety knowledge. Although wearing a bicycle-helmet is not in law in Malaysia, but public must be aware of the raod safety.

You have a beutiful ride. You fill your water bottle, lace up your shoes and head out. The thought of a head injury doesn’t even cross your mind — but it should. Without a bicycle helmet, you’re taking a chance that may cost you your life. Although collisions with cars or other vehicles are likely to be the most serious, even a low-speed fall on a bicycle path can be dangerous.

Don’t assume wear helmet only for professional cyclist, helmet is used by every bike user. Helmet wouldn’t make one person look “ugly” and ashamed. Wearing helmet could protect your head from accident and other road users would respect you as you care your safety. Wear A Helmet, There Are No Excuse!

How to select a proper helmet?
Comfortable, adjustable – must comfortable to wear for concentration riding
helmet is safe to use – must contain CE approval or safety approval
Fits your head – make sure helmet doesn’t move front to back, side to side more than 1inch
Visibility – the helmet straps must not blocking you vision. Else change a new one.

Wear the helmet flat on the top of your head and it should cover the top of your forehead without tilting forward or backward. Then, fasten the chin strap just below your chin. If the bicycle helmet doesn’t feel snug, use the foam pads that came with the helmet to get a better fit.

Now, you know bicycle helmet basic. Make sure that disctance of your riding doesn’t determind the use of bicycle helmet. MUST WEAR HELMET!

photos by AIP