Useful Tips of Setting up Indoor Cycling Area

Indoor cycling or workout are getting popular recently due to the current Covid-19 lock down in most countries. Indoor cycling has become the new normal sport activities to everyone. Cyclists are still capable to ride virtually with even more cyclist around the world as well as join a workout session with professional team riders. Here are simple tips of setting your own indoor cycling workout station.

Screen / Projection

For more immersive virtual indoor cycling, bigger screen is better. The easiest setup is using Apple TV / Tablet / Smart Phone as Zwift compatible to both Ios & Android OS. You can mirror the screen from your smart phone to TV (MUST smart TV).

Apple TV / Smart Phone / Tablet – lesser cable and faster setup time
Desktop / Laptop – more cables and more setup time
Projector – more cables, longer setup time

NOTE: Play a workout background music in low volume so overlap the sound from the trainers and virtual tire sound from Zwift app.


Space Area

We recommend area size at least width 1500mm and length range 2500mm to 3000mm. It sufficient to put a computer table (1200 x 600mm) / tablet stand, training mat, bicycles and indoor bike trainer.  You may put a long stool (at least height 800mm) to keep remote control, drink, power gel, phone and etc.


Power Plugs & Wiring

You need to spare at least 3-4 plugs to power up your devices such as smart trainer, computer, and smart phone / tablet charger.  Normally smart trainer provide 1.5m power adapter. Keep the power cable hide under the floor mat so you won’t step on those cables while get off from bike. Excessive length of wires can tidy with Velcro or cable tie.

Air circulation

Athlete needs a fresh air to keep the workout going on and boost their endurance. Indoor has limited of air circulation compare to outdoor. Hence, setup the workout station near to windows is more preferable. If windows is not an option, turn on the table fan / ceiling fan. Slow speed of fan is necessary to keep the air flowing instead of trap in the room.

Sharing Area

If you sharing the area with your kids or someone, you have to make sure your workout session does not disturb their daily activities such as plug-in the USB cable, using the computer, taking toys out from the box, walking pass by, etc. Make sure the workout space is fully dedicated for over 2-3 hours ride without interruption.


Show-off your finisher medals / event jerseys on the wall with long bar that you can get from IKEA. If you have some great photos, print and frame it out. So it will motivate you to ride even better during indoor cycling.

Restore the setup

Some of you may temporary use study room or living room to become indoor cycling area. You have to think simple way to get the workout area back to original state. Steps involve such as store the bike, store the bike trainers, roll out the training mat, tidy the wiring and electronic devices. Setup need to be simple and easily done. Ideally setup time 5-10 mins.