Type of Bicycle Tire Flats You Should Know


Tire and tubes are most common wear & tear parts of bicycle. 4 types of bicycle flats such as slow leak, punctures, pinch cuts and blow out. Cyclists should know all these in order to determine whether your tubes & tires should be replaced.

Slow Leak

  • Tire goes flat slowly and take long time to goes flat totally. This still can be ridden but just need to pump/inflate the air more frequent. Un-determine hole on the inner tube.
  • Usually air inside can last 2-4 weeks before totally goes flat
  • Causes: Rubber Material, Short life span of rubber, Wrong tube size using, bended valve
  • Frequent of happen: Less
  • Solution: Change a higher quality rubber tube (synthetic rubber)


  • Blowout means sudden happen of “bang”, “pop” sound when the inner tubes has no held by tire properly and cause the tube burst. A big holes can be found on the tubes.
  • Causes: Weak wire bead surround tire, tread on tire goes flat, over pressure, etc
  • Frequent of happen: Less
  • Solution: Change new tire & tube


  • This is the most common case to every cyclist. Inner Tube is cut through by a sharp/narrow small piece of sharp thing on the road/off-road. A small hole found on the inner tube.
  • Causes: Construction road, sharp objects on the road, worn out tire, etc
  • Frequent of happen: Frequent
  • Solution: Change new inner tubes

Pinch Cuts

  • This is also another common case of flat tire. Pinch cuts mean wheel running through a small holes, narrow gap or sharp edge and cause the create great pressure to the hitting point. A pinch cuts on the inner tube.
  • Causes: Low pressure tires, sharp edge, worn out tires, inner rim tapes, etc
  • Frequent of happen: Frequent
  • Solution: Change new inner tubes

How to buy a new tubes?
Step 1: Get to know the size of the tires e.g 26×2.15, 20×1.50, etc
Step 2: Choose type of valve of your bike, schrader valve or presto valve

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