Top 10 Riding Safety Tips You Should Know


Cycling is a great way to have a fun, but when we think of road safety while sharing the same road with others (cars/motorists) on the narrow road or path which putting a risk to cyclists. Hence, here are important riding safety you should know to minimize the unnecessary collision / trouble to others:

  1. Obey all rules of the road and all local traffic laws even cyclists are not required to obey the traffic rules in certain country.
  2. Ride defensively. Always assume that other road users do not see you.
  3. Look ahead, and keep the distance and be ready to avoid:Vehicles slowing / turning / entering the road or your lane ahead / behind of you.Parked car doors opening. Pedestrians stepping out. Pot holes, sewer grating, road or sidewalk construction, debris and other obstructions that could cause you to swerve into traffic, catch your wheel or otherwise cause you to lose control and have an accident.
  4. Ride in designated bike lanes, on designated bike paths or as close to the edge of the road as possible, in the direction of traffic flow or as directed by local governing laws.
  5. Stop at traffic lights or stop signs; slow down and look both ways at street intersections. Bicycle always loses in a collision with a motor vehicle, so be prepared to yield even if you have the right of way.
  6. Never ride with headphones. They mask traffic sounds and emergency vehicle sirens distract you from concentrating on what’s going on around you.
  7. Never carry a passenger, unless it is a small child wearing an approved helmet and secured in a correctly mounted child carrier or a child-carrying trailer.
  8. Never hitch a ride by holding on to another vehicle.
  9. Think carefully about your skills before deciding to take the large risks that go with riding such as stunt, racing, downhill, jumping, etc.
  10. If possible, avoid riding in bad weather, when visibility is obscured, at dusk or in the dark, or when extremely tired. Each of these conditions increases the risk of accident.

Bike helmet and bike safety lightings are significant protection gears which can enhance the personal safety and reduce the risk of bike injuries. Cost of Helmet or bike safety lightings (Headlight & Rear Light) start from RM 119.


The key to riding safely is keeping things smooth


image credit : Cyberdriveillinois | ref. source : Kona Bikes