Habits to prevent bike from rusting

Rusty bike and components can cause the bike turns to be ugly and uncomfortable to ride.  You may hate the bike as it is get dirty or ugly and end up keep the bike aside. Since metal can develop the rust easily when exposed to air or humidity environment, hence, we must have some good habits for taking care the bike from rust to develop.

1st habit
When the bike is wet after the ride, you must keep the bike in dry condition. The bike is more easily to clean up at the wet condition compare with dry condition. Components like cables, spokes, rims, nuts, etc which are the component expose to air easily. Don’t feel dirty while cleaning your bike, wear the rubber gloves to prevent dirt and mud stuck into your nails.

2nd habit
Always cover up the bike when it is not in use. Before you store your bike in store room, make sure the bike is dry and not dirty. By doing so, you could guarantee the bike is ready to ride for the next ride. In addition, you can ensure your store room is under clean condition.

3RD habit
Once you saw a little rust on the metal, means the rust is spreading. Use the grit wet sandpaper to rub the rusted area. Do not buy low grade sandpaper as it could damage surface of the frame/components though can remove the rust easily. After that, clean it with WD-40 for further remove the tiny rust. Lastly, polish or touch up the area with paint if needed.
– sand paper grade should be 500 and above.
– if no store room for bike storage, get the “lorry” cover plastic sheet from hardware shop to cover the bicycle like how you cover your lovely car.
– if the rusty area in very bad condition, you have last option to replace the components.

image source: Irish Rain Photography