How to Mount GoPro to Your Bike and Helmet


The latest rave in bicycle riding is capturing your jaunt with a GoPro camera attached to either a helmet or the bike itself. Having the footage is a great way to relive past experiences and video evidence of rides can also be useful for legal or insurance purposes as well. After buying the GoPro camera itself, here’s how you can attach it to your helmet or your bike.

Mounting On Helmet

Mounting on the helmet is great for capturing video the most similar to what you saw through your own eyes. Some people prefer to mount the GoPro on the front of their helmet as it gives more of a POV(Point of View) view and a mounting stick can be attached for a ‘selfie’ look. Helmet mounts with an adhesive are extremely easy to attach as they simply stick on the helmet.

Most ergonomic racing helmet designs make the strap mount necessary. (video by Nine Knights)

The helmet mount gives the best bird’s eye view of the ride. (video by Nine Knights)

Mounting To Bike

Bike mounts are also a nice option for the GoPro camera as they give more of a ground-level view of the ride and can tape action forwards or backward. The camera mounts on either the handlebars or seat post and can be adjusted and moved rather easily with thumb screws.

The bike mount is preferable to avoid the added weight on the helmet. (photo by MicBergsma)

The bike mount really is the best way to authentically relive the ride. (photo by TTSuruda)

Bonus: Go Pro on Chest

Some riders also choose to use the chest harness GoPro mount to record their entire day, either pre-race and post-race and any podium footage they might encounter. Chest harnesses help to avoid slipping over the eyes like on a helmet mount or dirt and mud exposure like on a seat mount.

The chest harness captures the bike from a core POV. (credit to GoWhistler)

Where to buy? Local Camera or Department store