Tips to Get Your Kids to Love Cycling

Kids Riding Bike
Kids Riding Bike
Family influence

Cycling without accompanied by family members would only makes the kids feel scare and un-secure. Kids always like to have a group of people especially family members cycling with them so that they can feel secure and got helping hands when they facing a trouble such as lost direction, injury, flat tire, etc.

Involve their friends

Everything can goes fun if got some friends involve in the activity. Kids may also like to riding bike with their friends so that can has some positive competition such as racing and knowledge changing together. In addition, kids would give less complaints to parents so that it allow the kids to have freedom decision. (Safety of the kids must be concerned in the case of riding farther place with their friends).

Less risk location

Ride fast is habit of most of kids. Hence, parents must bring them to ride their bike on the broad place. In addition, kids like to ride on the bumpy fields too, kids may like to create their own “mini” trail to test their beginner trail when there has small hilly grass field or uneven off road.

Have a decent bike

We understand that kids has no knowledge of taking care the bike, as long as there is a bike to them, kids would definitely enjoy the bike. However, improper fix of bike would give bad experience to the kids such as chain drop, out of alignment handle, ineffective brake system. Hence, parents should do quick check their bike before let them ride the bike.

[box_tip]Quick safety tips[/box_tip]

– Write a piece of paper with a family contact number and address on the bike
– Get contact from the friends family if riding with friends
– Check tire air pressure, brakes , chain, alignment
– Safety equipments such as ringing bell, helmet to prevent serious injury
– Fix the time to get back home

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