How to Choose the Right Bicycle Helmet

How to choose bicycle helmet

All Sport Helmet Road bike helmet MTB Helmet - Green Full face helmet

STEP 1: Choose the “Style”
SPORT – Multi purpose for road, MTB, BMX & skateboard
ROAD – Without visor & aerodynamic design
– MTB – With visor
– FULL-FACE – Downhill, DJ & BMX

Head Measurement

STEP 2: Find the Right Size, (S, M, L)
S (52-58cm)
M (56-62cm)
L (60-66cm)
Note: Helmet size chart vary with the brand.

STEP 3: Match Your Budget
– Set your budget. Price of a helmet ranging from RM89 – RM499.

Limar Bicycle Helmet  Prowell Bicycle Helmet

STEP 4: Choose a Brand / Design
Brands available in store Prowell Helmet (Taiwan Design) & Limar Helmet (Italy Design).

STEP 5: Choose a Color
– You can choose the color which matches your bicycle frame
– Or you can choose more visible colour to better visibility on the road/off-road. (e.g. Red)

Helmet Specifications

  • Number of vents – it creates more air flow throw your head.
  • Weight – range from approx. 260g-280g
  • Adjustable Fit – Different helmet manufacturer has its own patent of adjustable dial.
  • Visor – Function as a sun-shield attach on helmet
  • Impact Certification CE EN1078, U.S.CPSC

Why Helmets Are So Expensive?
– Your head is valuable to you,  you’re not cheap by nature.

Did You Know?
Study shows that over 90% of cyclists wear killed because of not wearing helmets. Helmet can estimate reduce head injury risk by 85%. Wearing a helmet does not protect all injuries, but studies (and anecdotal evidence) show that many head, brain injuries (many fatal head injuries) can be minimise or prevented with helmet.

[OUR ADVICE] Whether or not bicycle helmet should worn with or without law in Malaysia, but it’s much better than nothing at all. Invest on your safety.