How Cycling Can Help You Lose Weight

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Planning to burn off those excessive calories, but too lazy to head to the gym? There’s a fun and equally healthy alternative, which is to get yourself a bicycle and go cycling whenever you have time! Let’s take a look at how you can lose weight through this fun and beneficial activity.

Cycling is incredibly efficient when it comes to burning calories and body fat, for beginners and veterans alike. Just an hour of cycling can burn 400 to 1000 calories, depending on the intensity at which you cycle and your body weight.

The advantage of cycling, however, compared to going to the gym, is that it’s arguably more enjoyable. Picture yourself outdoors, wind in your face, the world a blur around you. Cycling is a fun activity, it’s not just pure exercise, making it easier and faster to lose weight when the process is enjoyable. As with any form of exercise, cycling helps with muscle gain, especially in the glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves.

The more muscle you build, the easier it’ll be to lose weight.

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To best supplement your weight loss and energize you for the exercise, you need a healthy, balanced diet. Extra carbohydrates will fuel you with the additional energy that strenuous exercise requires, and generous portions of protein will aid with muscle gain and your recovery. Practice self-discipline and stay away from foods high in saturated fats, as they contribute greatly to weight gain. As a good example of a healthy meal: a bowl of pasta topped with a lean meat-based sauce, and salad on the side. 

Speaking of discipline, much will be needed if you wish to achieve your weight loss goals. Consistency is key—stick to a structured exercise plan, even though the lifestyle changes may be difficult. Just be careful to avoid over training, as it’ll damage your body instead of developing it. Another major lifestyle change you’ll need to adopt is to get enough sleep (at least six to eight hours a night). Not only is sufficient sleep essential to your recovery, it can help you lose weight further!

Choosing a bicycle for losing weight not necessary to be very fancy and complicated. Get yourself a bicycle from the wide variety available at USJ Cycles and experience the health benefits of cycling!