Easy Steps for setting up Wahoo trainers with Zwift

Thank you for choosing Wahoo indoor smart trainer for Zwift most popular virtual indoor cycling application. For setting up your trainer to ZWIFT, you have to download Wahoo APP and ZWIFT App available for IOS / Android. Setup instruction are available in Wahoo APP.

Register your KICKR in the Wahoo Fitness app (iOS or Android) by entering your email address and KICKR serial number in order to receive your free 30 days of Zwift. You will receive an email shortly after registration with your unique Zwift promotion code and instructions on how to redeem your free 30 days.

Wahoo Fitness – register warranty, update firmware, manual instruction, etc.
Download : IOS / Android
Zwift APP – join the Zwift community ride with cyclists around the world.
Download : IOS / Android/ Windows / Mac

Your Wahoo Smart Trainer
Wahoo Kickr Power

Wahoo Kickr Core

Wahoo Kickr Snap

Determine your rear wheel axle
Road / Hybrid: 142x12mm
MTB: 148x12mm
Road: 130mm
MTB / Hybrid: 135mm

Insert correct axle adapters given by Wahoo
2 types of axle adapters comes in Kickr Power / Core, so it fit to any bike regardless what type of axle of your bike.

Quick release adapter configuration (for Kickr Power / Kickr Core)

Thru Axle adapter configuration (for Kickr Power / Kickr Core)
How to mount your bike on Wahoo Kickr Power / Kick Core Trainer
Demonstration applicable for Wahoo Kickr Power / Core.

Warning : Brake pad stopper need to be inserted at the caliper once rear wheel is detached from bike. This is to prevent hydraulic brake pads compress together.

How to mount your bike on Wahoo Kickr Trainer
For detail please read the instruction manual in the packaging box. Inflate 100 PSI is ideal for many road tires.
How to connect your trainer to Zwift
Register your own Zwift account. Wahoo provide 30 days free trial to Wahoo user.

Connectivity : Bluetooth Smart & ANT+
  • Smart device (smartphone / tablet ) connect all device sensor(s) via Bluetooth Smart (Different from Bluetooth 4.0)
  • APPLE TV (4k) connect sensor(s) via Bluetooth Smart
  • PC / Desktop connects sensor(s) via ANT+ (need to get USB ANT+ Dongle)

Minimum tech requirement to run Zwift App, please click here for detail.

Congratulation! You are ready to RIDE ON – Lets ZWIFT

Add on accessories you may interested