BoBike Bicycle Baby Seat Rated The Best by Dutch Consumer Magazine


BoBike bicycle baby seats remain the top benchmark as proved by the Dutch Consumer magazine based on a test done recently. The test includes 8 different brands of bicycle baby seat and took in consideration important criteria such as design, safety, comfort and finishing. Bobike’s Mini Exclusive was considered the best of all the seats tested and also the “Best Buy”, which means the product with the best price and quality ratio.

The recognition is a proof of BoBike’s high quality and safety. According Ronald, Brand Manager, the aim is to retain the brand values and high standards while bettering the service and distribution.

For more about BoBike bicycle baby seats in Malaysia (Exclusive Authorised Dealer), please refer top 3 popular models below:

1. BoBike Tour Exclusive (Rear) – “First Class”. 
  • For age: 9 months – 6 years old
  • Max weight: 22kg
  • Type: Rear (fit most bikes)
  • Price: RM 899 (child seat + carrier)


2. BoBike Maxi Exclusive (Rear) – “Business Class”
  • For age: 9 month – 6 years old
  • Max weight: 22kg
  • Type: Rear (fit most bikes)
  • RM 659 (child seat only)


3. BoBike Mini Exclusive (Front) – “Value & Exclusive”
  • For age: 9 months – 3 years old
  • Max weight: 15kg
  • Type: Front (fit most bikes)
  • RM 499 (child seat only)