How to choose a bike for kids

From bikes with training wheels to teen-sized versions of adult bikes (24″). The common wheel sizes in market are 12″, 16″, 20″ and 24″. The most important consideration when buying your child a bike is size. Following that the bike frame that not too long even though the wheel size is small. When shopping, keep in mind that children’s bikes are measured by their wheel size. The right size is one where the child can comfortably get on the bike and stand with his/her feet on the ground. For the case buying a bike as a gift to someone. Following is the reference of choose the size of the bike.

12″ : 2 – 4 year old
16″ : 3.5 – 6/7 year old
20″ : 6 – 9/10 year old
24″ : 9/10 & above

It is not recommended to get a bigger size bike to children as they will grow with it. A properly sized bike will be easier for kids to handle, less dangerous and a lot more fun. And don’t forget the helmet & protection gears!