Basic 5 Bike Maintenance Tools

Maintaining the bike in tip-top condition would improve your riding experience. If you want to do quick bike maintenance, what are the basic bike maintenance tools that you needed to start of it?

1.Allen Key (RM 29 – RM 49)

It is also know as Hex key. It comes with the hexagonal or folding types. Hexagonal type only comes with 3 common sizes (3 , 4, 5), whereas folding type comes with various sizes. The most common we tune your bike is hexagonal type, in our store, we used to called triangle type to our customer 🙂

– Handle bar / stem adjustment
– Brake lever angle adjustment
– Brake pads positioning /Disc brakes
– Brake/Gear cable adjustment

2. Tyre lever (Rm 19.90 – 39.90)

Tyre lever is needed when replace the new tires or inner tubes. Tyre lever normally is made of nylon or steel material. The min number of tyre levers needed in order to remove the tyre from the rim is two. Generally comes with pack of two or three.

3. Chain cutter (RM 39 – RM 69)

Chains need to be replaced when the chain is getting loosen or longer. To replace a chain, you will need a tool called chain cutter. Chain cutter comes with a heavy duty pin which enable the chain linker pin to be taken easily. Note: For supper narrow speed chain, there is only one pin are pushable.

4. Spanner (RM 5 – 15)

If your bike wheels or other components have no quick release lever, you have to buy the spanner in order to undo the nuts from the hubs. To undo the wheel nuts, you need to get size 15mm spanner. Size 15mm is the common wheel nuts for adult bikes. For kids bike(16″) which has training wheel, size 17mm spanner may be needed in order to take out the inner nuts and the out nut size is 15mm.

Other components:
Brake cabel – size 10mm
Saddle – size 13mm / 14mm / 15mm

5. Chain lube (RM 29 – RM 49)

To ensure the chain awalys in good condition (smooth), you will need to get a can chain lube. If you found the chain is getting rusty or dried, a layer of chain oil is needed to prevent the condition getting bad. However, if your bike chain has sticked a lot dirt or mud, you need to do degreasing then only spay a layer of oil on it.


All these 5 basic maintenance tools are commonly found and used in our store. Please visit our store, if you interested to get your own set of bike repair tools for self taking care your lovely bike(s).
* Note: Images above are just for illustration purposes.