8 Tips for Cycling During Ramadan

Trying hard to keep your cycling activities normal during Ramadan without compromising the stamina and fitness? Following are some useful tips while engaging in cycling during Ramadan, which can be draining:

  1. Timing – A bit of flexibility might help. Do it when you feel you have the energy and can do it with intensity is better than a workout you squeeze in and do hurriedly. The best time to workout is about just before iftar (the meal that breaks the fast). If you wake up to eat suhoor and don’t mind waking up about an hour early, this can be a great time to get in any workout, since you can eat as soon as you are done.
  2. Ramadan is not a time to be pushing yourself hard. You can do indoor training by putting your bike on an indoor bike trainer or smart trainers for short workouts
  3. Do keep workouts short, about 30 minutes to a maximum of 60 minutes
  4. Headache is quite common during Ramadan and if you have a headache do not continue cycling
  5. Make sure you are keeping well hydrated – before, during and after cycling. Do drink plenty of water between the hours of iftar and suhur
  6. Fruit and vegetables ensure a balanced diet and assist in keeping healthy
  7. Avoid fried and spicy food as they may cause heartburn or indigestion
  8. Lastly, organise your timetable so that you get enough sleep

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