8 Things You Should Know About Folding Bikes

8 things you should know about folding Bike

8 things you should know about folding Bike
One of the most frequently asked questions when customers come into our shop is “What is the best folding bike?”. To be honest, the best folding bike depends on your real needs. Some good questions would be “What’s the most affordable folding bike?”, “What’s the lightest folding bike”, “What’s the most basic folding bike for beginner?”. Indeed, every folding bike has its own advantages.

  1. The Basics – Typically, folding bikes have 20-inch wheels size, “foldable” hinge on body frame, handle post and adjustable (or telescopic) seat post. The frame usually folds in half with the seat post and handlebar being lowered.
  2. Size Matters – Yes, it easier to carry upstairs/ in lifts and easier to keep in your car/ home. This means that you can get one even if you live on the higher floors of a condominium/ apartment.
  3. Lightweight – Body frame, brakes, handlebar, and saddle are the most important parts of folding bikes. Those that are made of alloy are strongly recommended (Most importantly, it won’t rust too).
  4. Performance – A folding bike can be a good choice to enjoy cycling. Whilst they cannot match the performance of a road bike or mountain bike, you can still have lots of fun riding a folding bike.
  5. Comfortability – To reduce the size and weight some brands have reduced the wheel size smaller than 20 inches to as small as 6 inches in some cases. Therefore, we recommend the standard 20-inch wheels size is the ideal option for maximum comfortability.
  6. Child/ Baby Seat for Folding Bike? – Due to safety reason, FRONT-mounted child/ baby seat is strongly recommended. Of course, a high quality that meets international safety standard child/ baby seat (i.e. BoBike) is important for your lovely baby.
  7. Full Sized Foldable Bike? – Some folding bikes are full sized (i.e. 26 inches) bikes split in half, but these involve a longer folding process and are not practical due to the larger dimensions to fit into your car. Practically, getting a proper mountain bike with car carrier is rather recommended.
  8. How to Fold a Folding Bike? – Very simple, check out the videos below:

[Part 1 – How to Fold a Folding Bike?]

[Part 2 – How to Unfold a Folding Bike?]


Best Seller! Aluminum Folding Bike – Raleigh Ugo (Shimano 7 speed)


Raleigh ugo - folding bike
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Best value! Performance Folding Bike – XDS AFB630 (Shimano 16speed)


XDS AFB630 - folding bike