7 Useful Cycling Apps for Cyclists

As either a long-distance bike rider or just one who toils around the neighborhood you’d be amiss not to take advantage of all the benefits that cycling apps have to offer. Whether they be for entertainment, functionality, or safety bike apps are a must have and these are the best of the best:

1. Strava


strava-demo-1 strava-demo-2

Largely considered the best app for cycling (and running) Strava tracks your route and stores the information. Also lets you share photos from a route and follow others in a social network setting.

Download: Apple Store / Google Play

2. Dark Sky – Weather App


dark-sky-demo-1 dark-sky-demo-2

Nothing can rain on your parade quite like…rain. This is especially true on a bike ride and the Dark Sky app will predict whether it will rain at your location down to the exact minute.

Download: Apple Store / Google Play (similar)

3. Where Am I?


where-am-i-demo-2 where-am-i-demo-1

Sometimes after taking numerous twists and turns after hours of pedaling on the roads you might find that you’ve somehow gotten lost. Luckily the Where Am I application can show exactly where you are on Google Maps and help you find your way to more familiar territory.

Download: Apple Store / Google Play

4. Bike Shield


bike-shield-demo-2png bike-shield-demo-1

With more and more vehicles having satellite communication capabilities the Bike Shield app works to send signals to them that a rider is approaching them, ultimately creating a safer route for both car and bike.

Download: Apple Store / Google Play

5. Bike Gear Calculator


Bike-Gear-Calculator-demo-2 Bike-Gear-Calculator-demo-1

Unique app that lets you find the right gear cadence, ratio, and rotation for your specific bike and pedaling tendencies.

Download: Apple Store / Google Play

6. RoadID – Routing App


road-id-demo-1 road-id-demo-2

The coolest thing about this routing app is an eCrumb feature which sends a link to family and friends so they can monitor your ride in real time. This helps not only for them to meet up with you but also for safety purposes if you’re not back at a scheduled time.

Download: Apple Store / Google Play

7. MapMyRide – Route App


map-my-ride-demo-2  map-my-ride-demo-1

The best way to see where you’re going and know where you’ve been is with the Map My Ride app. It allows you to save your routes and share them with friends but also log food and track activity for full fitness.

Download : Apple Store / Google Play

Of course even with all the benefits of these cycling apps there can be some downfalls of using them. For instance it’s very easy for a rider to get distracted fiddling with the app and lose focus on the road. Subsequently apps with GPS running constantly in the background can drain a battery which could restrict being able to make a call in an emergency. In addition, accuracy of the data may interfered by weak data signal strength in certain area.

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