6 Things to Check on Your Bike Before Cycling Event


The KL Car Free Morning (Twice-monthly) is one of the popular cycling event that encourages city folks to go green and opt for two-wheels over four. The day serves as a great way to bond with community members while enjoying some fresh air and getting a very rewarding workout.

1. Tyre & Tube Conditions

Nothing shuts down a ride as immediately as a flat tyre or blown tube. To test for leaks fill up with air two days before the event day and test the pressure often until the day of.

2. Gear & Brake Conditions

To ensure a free-flowing ride double check the gears by shifting all the way through the progressions to make sure they don’t shift. Also inspect the brake pads to make sure they contact the tyre and test them to make sure they stop the bike.

3. Saddle & Seat Post Tension

Test the seat while standing on the bike to make sure it is at the optimum comfort level for you. Also, use an Allen wrench to tighten the post so it doesn’t shift while you ride.

4. Handle & Wheel Alignment

Another thing to check on the bike is the handle alignment in regards to how the wheels line up with the handlebars. Also, check the wheel quick release tension to make sure it is tight and make any adjustments to either as needed.

5. Crank & Pedals

A pedal that falls off in the middle of the ride can be annoying and unsafe. Before the event day tighten up the nut in both the pedals and the crankcase and purchase replacements if the pedals are worn or cracking.

6. Safety Equipment – Helmet & Lights

Make sure to clean out the inside of your helmet a few days before the ride to help reduce the smell. For night cycling event, make sure the batteries in your lights work just in case the skies turn dark.

The last thing you might want to do is clean up the grime from your bike so you don’t toss mud and dirt on other riders. After all even if you’re at the very rear of the pack you can at least look good doing so with a sparkly bike!

Last tip – Have fun! 🙂

*For more info about KL Car Free Morning, visit official website: www.klcarfreemorning.com/index.asp