5 to-do list for first ride on your new bicycle

To do list on new bicycle

To do list on new bicycle

Whether you get a newly purchased quality MTB, Road bike, folding bike, etc, please familiarize and test the bicycle before the actual riding day whether on road or off-road. Dealer may not give 100% perfection on every bike assembled, bikes need to ride for few kilometer (e.g. 1-5km) to “warm up” the bike to ensure everything goes well during actual long distance riding day. Pick a control and wide space environment, away from car/cyclist/obstacles to ride the newly bought bicycle.

1. Familiarize yourself with the braking system of the bike

Test the brakes at slow speed and mild speed. Sudden or excessive applying brakes too hard could cause you to lose control and fall. Skidding (draging) is an example of what can happen when a wheel locks up.

2. Practice shifting the gears

Where is the HIGH, LOW lever/button/direction to shift the gears. NOTE! Remember to never move the shifter while pedaling backward, nor pedal backwards immediately after having moved the shifter. This could jam the chain and cause serious damage to the bicycle.

3. Check out the handling, pedaling response of the bike

Bike assembled in such a way that standard angle  that most bikes do. In order to find your best / most comfort angle of bicycle components such as brake levers, shifters, saddle, etc. Riders  need to take a few ride and practice.

4. Familiarize yourself with how the suspension responds

Check the suspension response when the front brake is applied and rider weight shifts. If you have remote lock out or lock out features of the suspension, read the manual to operate the suspension remote lock out lever or adjustment.

5. Usage of pedals & clipless pedals.
For pedals such toeclips or clipless pedals, practice getting in and out of the pedals. Read the manual of the clipless pedals. Use a high gear (left. gear #3) and applied little force on the pedals to test whether arise any “cracking” sound or not.

If you have any questions, or if you feel anything about the bike is not as it should be, please consult from us again. Thank you.