5 Useful Tips for Cycling Uphill’s for Beginners.


We know that cycling up hill is not fun to beginner rider but down hill. It represents a challenge for every type of cyclist, whether they are experienced or not, but for the beginner hills can be even more a challenge. However, with a few 5 tips and techniques even beginners can get better at climbing hills.

Tip 1: Correct Use of Gears

Bicycle gears make rider riding uphill with less effort. Use the right gear combination at your comfort zone. You can follow the gear combination used by the experienced rider in front you and shift slightly lower gear.  Shift to lower number gear to make pushing force more lighter on the pedals.

Tip 2: Positive Mentality

Accept the fact that cycling uphill is truly take a lot of effort.  Motivate your body by start riding up on small hill and slowly find a steeper hill for training. The more hills you experienced, you will find that the previous hill you experienced just like riding on flat road.

Tip 3: Breath in Steady Rhythm

Keeping your breathing to a steady rhythm to keep the supply of oxygen to your muscles consistent. Keep well seated to the back of your saddle and keep our back straight to open up your chest and lungs.

Tip 4: Take Outer Side On Turn

It may seem illogical, but you’ll lose less momentum that way. It is also safer as other road users will be able to see you clearer and quicker and you can see them too! Riding wider on turns also puts less pressure on your steering allowing you to keep a nice smooth pace through the corner.

Tip 5: Stand Up When Near To top

Stand up near the top of the hill to push harder on the pedals and power up to and over the top of the hill. Balance your weight over your arms when standing and keep your shoulders relaxed. As you get to the top of the hill shift down into a lower gear for the descent.

The top tip though, for cycling uphill for beginners is practice! The more frequently you ride uphill’s on your bike the better you will get. Never ever think “I can’t stop”, you can. If you are struggling or need a rest, get off your bike and catch your breath. You are not a professional cyclist so don’t worry about stopping and resting!