5 Reasons why morning is the best time for cycling


Whether you are solo riding or group riding, cycling is fun and can begin anytime of the day whether is morning day, afternoon (if you can ride under hot sun!), evening (after work) and mid night (night shift). You need to schedule the best fit time slot for cycling so that you have NO EXCUSE for not to do cycling. As weather in Malaysia is whole year summer season, hence morning ride is best! Following are 5 reasons why morning is best time for cycling.

Reason 1: It is great way to start your day
Morning feels and breath more fresher natural air than any other part of the day. Getting up and riding before the city place starts to busy is an awesome riding experience. Lets start riding little earlier than others in the morning and you will enjoy morning riding after a try.

Reason 2: Ride early wakes your body up early
Morning ride makes your inner blood flowing and wakes up your body. You will guarantee fresher than others and ready to work. Study has proven than morning rides can improve working efficiency in working place.

Reason 3: Beat the traffic and more safer
Morning ride create more encouragement, freedom on the road and avoid mass traffic during peak hour. Heavy traffic and road safety is main reason to block you for doing cycling in the end of the day or after work.

Reason 4: Beat the hot weather
Morning weather is much comfortable than any other part of the day. Comparing with the afternoon riding is much better even you still feel little humidity but its better sweat in the morning than afternoon.

Reason 5: Hydraton and diet
Its natural way of controlling your diet and hydration. You will more conscious of what to eat and how much water to drink the day and evening before. Hence, it result better control on your diet and hydration in your body.

Sleep early and start early morning ride now!