5 Essentials for Cycling in the Dark

Staying safe while biking at night in Malaysia

If you have a bike and love to ride it, then you will want to experience Malaysia while biking at night. Cycling in Malaysia at night is a fun experience, since the temperatures are more comfortable and there is less traffic than daylight hours. To stay safe and for a more enjoyable ride, here are some things to consider before you bicycle at night.

1. Use bike safety lights to make your ride safe

To see and be seen, MUST use both front and rear lights. In general, choose the quality & durable safety lights (high lumens) that you can afford. A front light can be mounted to your handlebar so that you can see the road in front of you, even when you are bicycling at a high speed. A rear red blinking light attached to your seatpost will help drivers see you when they are passing you from behind.

2. Wear visible clothing

Wear bright color cloth or clothing with reflective material so that you are visible to the cars that you are sharing the road with. This keeps you safe and advertises your position on the road. You can purchase vests with reflective tape on them, buy reflective stickers to put on your clothes, or wear athletic gear that has this type of material built-in. This really helps drivers see you while you are out on the road.

3. Become familiar with your route and cycling lane

Choose familiar roads where you understand the traffic pattern with good street lighting. Try to use a cycling lane if it is available, and consider less busy streets. If possible, look on a map so that you can plan your main route and any alternative ones. By having a good understanding of where you are and where you are going, you will be less likely to encounter danger or get lost at night.

4. Time of night when you begin to ride

In general, bicycling at night means that you will be in darkness and have to rely on your own bicycle lights or street lights to help you see. Biking at 8pm is different than biking after midnight. Depending on the hour of the night, there may be no traffic at all. In that case, make sure that you know of places where you can safely go in case of an emergency.

5. Your Focus and Concentration

Make sure that you are mentally and physically prepared before you go biking at night. You do not want to be tired since you need to be more alert in the darkness. At night, it is harder to see objects that may be in your path, and you could end up in an accident. Focus on pedaling to your destination safely without being in a hurry, and just enjoy the ride.

In conclusion, these are tips which will help keep you safe while bicycling at night. Don’t just think you can only bicycle in the daytime when it’s just as fun to see the beauty of Malaysia under darkness. At nighttime, you’ll enjoy the cooler air and having more space on the road to yourself.

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