4 Reasons Why You Should Consider an Indoor Bicycle Trainer


You might wondering what is an indoor bicycle trainer? In summary, it allows you to train indoor with your own bicycle (Mountain, 20″ Folding Bike, Hybrid or Road bike) – Meaning you can pedal, change gear and brake as if outside while stay comfort at home (Espcially when raining or bad weather).

1. Improve Performance & Stamina: If you wish to improve your cycling performance and stamina always use bicycle trainer to track and monitor cycling data history based on levels of resistance of the trainer. It also being used to warm up prior to a race or competition.

2. Work-life Balance: If you wish to keep up with your cycling plan regardless of your busy daily work will always find bicycle trainer useful.

3. All Weather: Whether it rainy or hazy outside, you can always ride your bicycle from the comfort of your home. No more depending on the weather for a workout!

4. Safety Comes First: Indeed, some of the roads in the city/ town areas are not bicycle-friendly. Due to this reason, You might find it useful just to ride indoor while listening to music and watching your favourite drama series.

So, which one to choose?

Typically, a quiet, smooth and realistic feeling bicycle trainer is recommended when considering a bicycle trainer as it will impact your indoor cycling experience. In order to ensure your investment (RM) is well spent, consider a quality and reliable brand like Minoura (Japan) that is renowned for durability. Bicycle trainers vary in price depending on type (higher power, remote resistance adjustable) and quality starting from RM599 up to RM1499 available for 20″ – 700c wheel size.

For more information regarding different types of bicycle trainers be sure to check out the top 3 popular models below:

1. For Beginner. Minoura B-60R | RM 599
2. Best Value! Minoura LR760 | RM 1199
3. Pro Use! Minoura LR960 | RM1499