10 Reasons Why Cycling is Awesome


In Malaysia we’re seeing the emergence of another trend—cycling. Bikes have existed since the 19th century, but they’ve never seemed cooler than they do right now. Today there are so many options for cyclists—folding bikes for commuters, mountain bikes for adventurers, road bikes for serious road riders, and hybrid bikes for all of the above! Let’s take a look at the 10 reasons why we think cycling is awesome:

1. It’s Great Exercise

Don’t you love going to the gym? Yeah, us neither. Still, exercise is important, and cycling’s a great way to make it a part of your daily routine. It won’t even feel like exercise until a few weeks in when you realize you’ve lost weight and have more energy.

2. It’s Good for the Environment

Not only does car exhaust produce smog and lower the air quality of our cities, but it’s also full of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming. Who wants to feel responsible for that? If more of us biked, our planet would be a cleaner, more pleasant place to live.

3. It’s Cheaper than Driving

Sure, a decent bike can be an investment, but it doesn’t compare to a car. Even before taking into account gas and maintenance, it’s clear that bikes are more cost-effective. The best part—if you save money on transportation, you’ve got more to spend when you arrive wherever you’re going!

4. Be a Part of Something Big

Here in Malaysia and around the world, we’re seeing a growing trend of governments getting behind cycling. As bike lanes pop up and infrastructure continues to develop, cycling is a great way to connect with your city and contribute to positive change in your community.

5. It’s Fun for the Whole Family

Let’s face it. Board games, family movies—they’re just not very entertaining. If you’re looking for a bonding activity that the whole family can share, cycling is a great option. It might take some coaxing to get them out there, but once they’re riding the whole family will love it.

6. It’s a Great Social Activity

If it’s a nice day, why not call up some friends and take your bikes out together? Ride in a quiet place and you can even chat as you go along, spending some real quality time together. Better yet, pack a picnic lunch and make an afternoon out of it.

7. No More Traffic Jams

Rush hour traffic in the city is a real pain, and there’s nothing more satisfying than gliding through gridlock (carefully!) on your bike. Passing car after car filled with commuters will make you think to yourself, “I remember those days…” And trust us—you won’t want to go back.

8. No More Parking

There’s nothing worse than parking in the city—you can drive in circles for blocks or shell out serious cash for a garage. Even if you do manage to park on the street, you still have to worry about feeding the meter. Just take your bike and skip it.

9. Get to Know Your Neighborhood

Your own street is full of unique sights and sounds found nowhere else. You’ll be amazed how much you missed by speeding around in your car with the music turned up. Cycling is a great way to get in touch with the place that you call home.

10. No Age Restrictions

Different bicycle sizes are available for riders of all ages. Even young children can cycle as a leisure activity and transition into more practical riders as they get older. Teens can enjoy off-roading and cross country riding, while middle-aged riders often enjoy tour bikes! With cycling, the possibilities are endless.

[quote]Cycling is awesome, get out ride your bike today![/quote]

photo credit to: London Mums Magazine