10 Essential Kits To Carry on Bike

Essential kits are important to every cyclists especially long distance riding. Weight from essential kits should not be saved as those kits can save you during the emergency such as bike has broken down due to flat tire, chain issue, components alignment.

You can utilize mounting available on your bike to mount the essentials, tool bottle or you can store some quick access kit into jersey pockets. Following are the essential kits you should carry on your bike.

    1. Spare Tube / Patches
      You must carry at least 1 unit spare tube or 6pc patches with you. It can save some time to do patching beside the road. Make sure you get a correct size tube, valve length, valve type (sv/fv). Patches will be used when your spare tubes has ran out of stock.
      Storage: Saddle Bag
    2. Tyre levers
      2 tyre levers are sufficient to remove tire out from the rim. Don’t be too confident of your existing tire which can easily pull out from the rim without any tool, but try save some energy for next few km ride.
      Storage: Saddle Bag
    3. Hand Pump / Co2 Inflator
      Bicycle hand pump is handy but it takes long time to inflate the tube. Co2 canister works like pump, it give rideable pressure and fast. However, if you encounter multiple flats, you need a hand pump to inflate your second flat tyre.
      Store: Saddle Bag / Jersey Pocket / Tool Bottle
    4. Multitools
      Multitools consist number of commonly used tools such as 4/5/6 allen keys, philips and flat panel for simple adjustment such as brake cable, handle, saddle adjustment, etc. There are some multitools consist full set of tools for detail adjustment such as spoke tensioner, tyre lever, chain cutter. However, the drawback is carry more weight during the ride.
      Storage: Saddle Bag /  Tool Bottle
    5. Quick Release Chain Link
      Also known as chain quick link chai which about 0.5g mini part to enable you link back a broken chain. Use a multitool (#4) rivet away the
      Storage: Saddle Bag /  Tool Bottle
    6. Mobile phone
      Call for help from cyclist-mate if you get stuck and more importantly in the case of accident. Emergency contacts have to keep inside the phone case. Using GPS mode during a ride could drain your battery quicker.
      Storage: Jersey Pocket
    7. Cash or card
      Stopping by cafe or rest-zone, cash will be useful for buying some drink, energy bar, safe aid kits, etc while waiting someone to picking you up or cab’s. Some cab’s car not allow bringing foods / hot drink into their cars. You can get someone pay for the cab fees when you reach the meeting area.
      Storage: Jersey Pocket / Saddle Bag
    8. Foods
      Don’s expect a food store available at rest-zone, store may closed unexpectedly. We may misjudge the route and get starving in the middle of ride, hence you have to spare some energy gel / chocolate bars / sweet gummy to boost the last 10 km ride.
      Storage: Jersey pocket
    9. Mini First aid kits
      In the case suffer from small cut and scratch, these small lightweight first aid kits wont regret to bring along. Items: water proof plaster x 4, Antiseptic cream, bandage, fabric tape, etc
      Storage: Saddle Bag / Jersey pocket
    10. ID card
      DIY a small piece of ID card which has your location address, contact, medical information blood category, social media account id so that can reach your friends easily to report the rider conditions, contacts, etc.

Optional kits

  1. Power bank (small in size) – Charging up the dried phone or lightings for night safety
  2. Brake cable – Brake cable make snap unexpectedly.
  3. Gear cable – Applicable for external gear cable routing frame only
Method of storages

Tool Bottle (RM59)

Saddle Bags (RM69-RM169)

Cycling Jersey (RM259 – RM599)