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Prep Yourself for RHB Langkawi Ride 2020 Cycling Event in Malaysia

Cycling enthusiasts, listen up, the RHB Langkawi Ride 2020 is back! On the 11th of April, race hundreds of fellow bikers through the breathtaking backdrop of Pulau Langkawi at one of Malaysia’s premier cycling competitions. There are three categories of varying difficulty for cyclists of all experience levels: 25km, 75km, and 100km. Be one of […]

The Hidden Details in New Trek Madone

Creating an aero racing bike required a delicate balance of many variables. The 2 key significant variables include aerodynamic and weight following with comfort, fit, ride handling, stiffness and integration. Trek has new breakthrough in design development this year, NEW Madone is aim to be the best all-round aero racing bike. In development of New Madone, […]