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Hybrid bicycles blend characteristics from more specialized road bikes, touring bikes and mountain bikes. The resulting “hybrid” is a general-purpose bike that can tolerate a wide range of riding conditions and applications.

Women’s Bike – Specialized Vita Int Disc

Specialized Vita Int Disc

What sounds like more fun? Being locked in a steamy room staring at someone in front of you for an hour or cruising the open road along a path to total freedom and fitness? Yeah, we’d choose the latter, too, which is why we designed the Vita Disc. Product Highlights: Specialized A1 Premium Aluminum frame […]

POPULAR: Specialized Hybrid Bike – Sirrus Sport 2017

Product Highlights: Specialized A1 Premium Aluminum frame FACT carbon fiber fork with zert insert to reduce vibration Tektro Auriga, hydraulic disc brakes Shimano Acera, 27-speed derailleur Body Geometry Targa Sport saddle 11.7 kg Frame size (inch) : S (17), M (19), L (21) RM3,599 (incl.GST) Handmade in Taiwan | Life-time warranty on frame & fork […]

2017 Hybrid Bike – Specialized Sirrus Comp Carbon

Your road to fitness is filled with determination and steadfast resolve, so why shouldn’t your bike support that? With our Sirrus Comp Carbon, you get all of the performance features that you need to hit your goals head-on, and none of them that you don’t. In other words, it provides the perfect blend of everyday […]

Women Hybrid Bike – Specialized Vita

When you’re on a mission to get fit and healthy, you need a hard-working bike that’s up to the task. The premium aluminum frame of the Vita Sport Disc is fast and handles great, delivering a smooth ride quality. Featuring powerful disc brakes and a quality component package, its Women’s Fitness Geometry delivers a superb […]

Hybrid Bike – 2016 Sirrus Comp Disc (Tiagra 10s)

Fitness is a way of life, and the Sirrus Comp disc proves you’re taking it seriously. The Sirrus Comp Disc combines a nimble aluminum frame with precise Shimano Tiagra shifting and powerful hydraulic disc brakes to deliver a comfortable and fast ride. Now the question is: Where will you go? Product Highlights: Specialized E5 Premium […]

Most Comfort Bike – Specialized Roll Elite

We can name Specialized Roll Elite is the most comfort leisure bike. With its lightweight, alloy frame and fork; eight speeds of ‘get out there and go fast’ gearing; stable, wide tires; and powerful mechanical disc brakes, the Roll does everything in its power to encourage, motivate, and inspire you to get out and keep fit in […]

Comfort Leisure Bike – 2016 Specialized Crosstrail Sport Disc

Your fitness is important—that’s why our Crosstrail Sport Disc focuses on comfort, versatility, and efficiency. It comes equipped with a custom suspension fork with a lockout feature for fast and efficient use over any surface. To build on this blend of comfort and speed, the frame is built from lightweight A1 Premium aluminum tubing with […]

Fitness Bike: 2016 Specialized Sirrus Comp Carbon

Fitness is not a fad, and the Sirrus proves you’re taking your fitness journey seriously. The Sirrus Comp Carbon combines a quality carbon frame and durable Shimano Tiagra drivetrain to deliver a comfortable and fast ride. As you push yourself to reach your goals, the Sirrus will be a powerful ally to have on your […]