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Why do you need bike fitting?

Bike fitting is crucial for cyclists because it directly affects comfort, performance, and injury prevention. A proper bike fit ensures that the bike is adjusted to your unique body geometry, taking into account factors like saddle height, handlebar reach, and pedal position.

  1. Comfort: Proper bike fitting ensures that your body is in a comfortable and sustainable position, reducing the risk of soreness or injury.

  2. Efficiency: A well-fitted bike allows your body mechanics are optimized for power transfer, making your cycling more effective.

  3. Injury Prevention: Incorrect bike fit can contribute to overuse injuries. For example, a saddle that’s too high or too low can strain your knees, while a poorly positioned handlebar can lead to neck or back pain.

  4. Performance: When your bike setup is tailored to your body, you can achieve better aerodynamics and reduced wind resistance. This can result in improved speed and performance.

  5. Personalization: Every cyclist is unique, with different body proportions and flexibility. A personalized bike fit takes these individual factors into account, ensuring that your bike setup is tailored to your specific needs and riding style.

Who will fit for you? 

Fitter profile – Gan (Strava)

  • Fully Bike Fitted more than 20 riders in-store (since 2023)
  • Cycling enthusiast since secondary school
  • Represent Melaka Junior State Rider in 2005
  • Custom bike built over 100 bikes (Trek Project One / others)
  • Bike sizing more than 100 riders (since 2020)
  • Shoe cleat fitting more than 100 pairs shoes (since 2020)
  • More than 10 year experience as bike mechanic 
  • Attend practical knowledge training for fitting tools & components.

What would you get from bike fitting service? 

Pre-fit Interview: To gathering information about the rider’s cycling goals, any existing injuries or discomfort, and the type of riding they plan to do.

Physical Assessment: Evaluate the rider’s flexibility and biomechanics for any potential limitations.

Bike Measurements: Precise measurements of key aspects of the bike and the rider, including saddle height, saddle position, handlebar reach, and pedal/cleat alignment. 

  • Saddle Positioning: Adjusting the saddle height, fore-aft position, and tilt to ensure optimal comfort and efficient power transfer.
  • Handlebar and Stem Adjustment: Fine-tuning the handlebar position, including reach, drop, and width, to accommodate the rider’s preferences and riding style.
  • Cleat Alignment: Aligning the cycling shoe cleats to optimize pedal stroke and prevent knee or foot discomfort.
  • Pedal Positioning: Adjusting pedal and crank positions to maximize power transfer and efficiency. Dynamic Analysis: Some advanced fitting services include dynamic analysis, where the rider is observed while cycling on a trainer or even outdoors

Follow-up Consultation: After the initial fitting, there is often a follow-up consultation to address any issues that may arise as the rider spends more time on the bike. This can involve additional adjustments and fine-tuning. 

Recommendations: The fitter may provide recommendations for changes or upgrades to components like saddles, handlebars, or pedals based on the rider’s preferences and goals.

Charges :

Level 1 : Full Bike Fitting (up to 3 hours) – RM250*
*charges may vary with experience gained.

NOTE : Fitting takes place on Wahoo Kickr Rollr with your current bike.

+6016 2296 388 (WhatsApp / SMS)


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