QPLUS The Squeaks Terminator

To Penetrate and Loosen Rust.
To Protect Agains Rust, Corrosion :
To Protect Ignition System From Moisture
To Reduce Wear and Tear :Spray on affected surfaces and allow to dry


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Application :

1. Penetrates and loosens rust, scale and corrosion.
2. Lubricates and protects metal assemblies, linkages, hinges, locks and barrel locks, bushes, etc.
3. Stops metal to metal squeaks.
4. Reduces wear and tear.
5. Prevents rust and corrosion.
6. Facilitates the starting of wet motors.
7. Displaces and seals out moisture.
8. Protects ignition system from moisture.


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QPlus is a renowned brand for penetrating oil & lubricants since year 2001, manufactured by Huskey Specialty Lubricants (M) Sdn Bhd, they mainly produce products like penetrating oil, spray grease, silicone spray, chain lube, degreaser & brake parts cleaner.