Kabuto Helmet (JAPAN) FM-8

Hold lower rear head. Great for mountain biking or urban riding.

Product highlights:

  • For MTB & Urban Riding
  • Cover more lower rear¬†head
  • Comfort Fitting
  • 280kg (M/L)
  • Size: 57-60cm (Head circumference)
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Colour or size is subject to availability
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OGK Kabuto Helmet (JAPAN) is designed based on asian head shapes. Best fitting helmet designed especially for Asian. Kabuto cycling helmet all start from handmade mock-ups by craftsmen.

  • Thoughtful Designing
  • Severe examination at in-house test labs
Kabuto OGK

To pursue developing the best products and producing the one satisfies professionals, OGK KABUTO always keeps in mind that we can make even better one. OGK KABUTO takes the words, “The Quality of Heart” as the mind slogan. For safety and for trust. OGK KABUTO further progress together with you as a manufacturer.