Dahon Landing Gear


  • Gives folding bikes extra stbility when folded
  • Quickly folds up and away when the bike is unfolded for use
  • Strong, stable 6061 aluminum shaft with 2.5 inch wheel
  • Allows the bike to roll without lifting of strain


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This ingenious gadget fits into the “why didn´t I think of that?” category. With a simple flick of your heel, the landing gear comes down, and your folded DAHON is now ready to roll compactly on three stable wheels. Leave the seat up, and you can easily “walk” your bike wherever you like. The castor design steers easily to fold up snugly and out of the way.

Dahon Folding Bikes

image credit to Dahon JP (Akibo)

Dahon started the revolution of their day with the worlds first folding bicycle small enough to fit under a train seat. 220+ patents and 30 years of quiet evolution and genius technologies later, Dahon is the leader in folding bike technology. Changing the way people around the world get from “A” to “B”.