Minoura Vergo TF-3



  • Virgo TF3 is, for three mainly for minivan.
  • Wide open type of quick release the original design of VERGO-TF. Convenient front fork desorption of only lever operation.
  • You can use the quick release and the two types of 15mm through axle for 9mm.
  • Since the received front fork on the base rail is, VERGO compared to Excel (previous year series), will next to shake less.
  • In order to narrow the vehicle, front fork received can be adjusted not twist handle each other is in contact with the.
  • Received before fork with respect to the parallel quick in the race, you can rotate it 90 degrees at the time of the left and right to 15 degrees / 30 degrees and TF stand use.
  • VERGO Excel (previous year series) for options all can be shared

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