Cateye Q3 Multisport Computer (MSC-CY200)

CatEye’s new Q3 multi-sports computer features all of the standard cycling functions along with an accurate heart rate monitor in a compact, wrist-mounted, downloadable package.

The Q3 allows you to customize your training experience with 5 programmable heart rate zones, up to 99 laps with real time lap functions, and both time and distance interval functions. There are programmable time and distance countdown functions, cadence tracking, and is waterproof up to 30m.

The Q series functions on a 2.4GHz digitally encoded wireless band and will store up to 30 training files, downloadable with the USB Dongle (available separately). Along with your training data, it will record your total weekly, monthly, and yearly time and distance automatically.

A handlebar mount and cadence sensor are included so you’ll be ready to go right out of the box.
*Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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Upper display:Current speed:0.0(4.0)~150.0km/h (for 27-inch tire size)
Average speed:0.0~150.0km/h [0.0 – 93.0 mph]
Maximum speed:0.0(4.0)~150.0km/h [0.0 (3.0) − 93.0 mph]
Average lap speed:0.0~150.0km/h  [mph]
Maximum lap speed:0.0(4.0)~150.0km/h [mph]
Middle display:Current heart rate:0(30) ~ 240bpm
Average heart rate:0~ 240bpm
Maximum heart rate:0(30) ~ 240bpm
Average lap heart rate:0~ 240bpm
Maximum lap cadence:0(30) ~ 240bpm
Current cadence:0(20)~199rpm
Average cadence:0~199rpm
Maximum cadence:0(20)~199rpm
Average lap cadence:0~199rpm
Maximum lap cadence:0(20)~199rpm
Lower display:Elapsed time:0:00’00″0~0:59’59″9 / 1:00’00″~99:59’59”
Trip distance:0.00~9999.99km [mile]
Countdown distance:9999.90~0.00km [mile](setting range:9999.9~0.0km)
Countdown timer:99:59’00″~0:00’00″(setting range:99:59’~0:00’)
Interval timer:99:59’59″~1:00’00” / 0:59’59″9~0:00’00″0
(setting range:99:59’59″~0:00’00” )
Recovery time:0:00’00″0~0:59’59″9 / 1:00’00″~99:59’59”
Lap timer:00’00″0~0:59’59″9 / 1:00’00″~99:59’59”
Calorie consumption:0~999999kcal(calculation-based estimation only)
Clock:0:00’00″~23:59’59” [1:00’00″AM~12:59’59″PM]
Date:‘00.01.01 ~ ‘99.12.31 (Display format can be switched)
Lap time:00’00″0~0:59’59″9 / 1:00’00″~99:59’59”
Split time:00’00″0~0:59’59″9 / 1:00’00″~99:59’59”
Lap (with real time lap function)
Lap measurement:
Upper display(average lap speed, maximum lap speed)
Middle display(average lap heart rate, lap number, maximum lap heart rate)
Lower display(lap time, split time)
Real time lap measurement:
Upper display(average lap speed, maximum lap speed)
Middle display(average lap heart rate, maximum lap heart rate, cadence)
Lower display(lap timer, lap distance)
Upper display(current speed, average speed, and maximum speed)
Middle display(current heart rate, average heart rate, maximum heart rate, current cadence, average cadence, and maximum cadence)
Lower display (interval time, number of intervals, trip distance in interval, and recovery time)
Data save:
Saves the data at the time of resetting
(The oldest file will be deleted automatically when exceeding 30 files.)
(The oldest file will be deleted and the data during the measurement will be saved automatically when “MEMORY FULL” is displayed.)
Control system:8 bit one-chip microcomputer, crystal oscillator
Display system:Liquid crystal display(EL backlight )
Speed/cadence sensor signal detection:Non-contact magnetic sensor
Sensor signal transmission:2.4 GHz ISM Band (with ID. Two IDs of SP1 and SP2 can be set for speed sensor.)
Transmission distance:Up to 5 meters (may be greater depending on weather or environment.)
Operating temperature range:0~40 ℃ [32°F 〜 104°F ]  (The computer may respond slowly or LCD may turn black outside of this temperature range.)
Storage temperature range:–20℃ ~ 50 ℃ [-4°F 〜 122°F ]
Tire size:0100 ~ 3999 mm; 1 size for each speed sensor ID
(default:SP1 = 2096, SP2 = 2050)
WristwatchBattery:CR2430 x1
Battery life:approx 1 year(1hr use per day)
Dimension:55.0 x 46.5 x 15.0 mm(excluding projection and belt)
Weight:36 grams(with battery)
Speed sensorBattery:CR2032 x1
Battery life:approx 1 year(1hr use per day)
Dimension:65.0 x 90.5 x 14.4 mm
Weight:36 grams(with battery)
Heart rate sensorBattery:CR2032 x1
Battery life:approx 1 year(1hr use per day)
Dimension:325.0 x 31.4 x 12.2 mm
Weight:40 grams(with battery)
Average speed will display “E” when elapsed time exceeds 100 hours or trip distance exceeds 9999.99 km/h [mile].
Average heart rate and cadence will display “E” when elapsed time exceeds 100 hours.
The factory-loaded battery life might be shorter than the specification above.
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.