Icetoolz Pronto Repair Kit Tool Box

Icetoolz is origin from USA. The IceToolz Pronto tool kit ready all the tools that you will need to repair or change parts on your bike. The tools materials are made of heavy duty steel to ensure all the work done perfectly without damage the bike parts. It comes in a compact easy to open and transport plastic case – all tools in there place and easy to access and return.


icetoolz-pronto-toolkit-3 icetoolz-pronto-toolkit-2

Tools include:

  • Cotterless crankarm extractor (fits all axles)
  • Self-adhesive tire repair patches ‘AirDam’
  • Adjustable bottom bracket cup tool
  • Magnetic screwdriver with crosshead (#1 & #2) and flathead (4mm & 6mm)
  • 8x10mm forged steel open-ended wrench
  • 14x15mm hub & crankarm box wrench & 15mm pedal wrench
  • Adjustable chain rivet extractor (Shimano compatible)
  • 6” adjustable forged steel wrench
  • 3 nylon/fibreglass tire levers
  • Freewheel turner (chain whip)
  • 2×2.5x3x4x5x6mm hex key wrench set (4x5x6mm with ball-ended)
  • 30x32x36x40mm 4-in-1 headset wrench
  • 2 steel cone wrenches (13x14x15x16mm)
  • 8-groove spoke wrench for 10G-15G nipples
  • 1/2” adapter (for socket tools)
  • 8mm hex key (for crankarm removal)
  • Cassette sprocket lockring tool (Shimano type)
  • Cartridge bottom bracket tool (Shimano & ISIS Drive type)

Size: 335 x 265 x 75mm

Usual: RM 339 | Offer: RM 339 (incl. GST)

* usable to most of bicycle equipped with Shimano & Sram gear system only. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice