NEW! Free Ride Helmet: 720 Degree

limar-720-orange-featured limar-720-white limar-720-greylimar-720-pink limar-720-orange-rear limar-720-orange-front  limar-720-black

When you try 720° you immediately realize you’re not wearing a common street helmet. You might even think that you forgot to put your helmet on.

The Ultrafit+ system is extremely light and allows you to quickly adjust the size and the fit in any direction. The ten vents are so big that you get air whether you’re riding outside the mall or jumping in the park. Plus, the helmet feels extremely light, thanks to the superlight Limar technology. Enjoy!

Technology: Monoshell In-mould – Superlight technology
Air vents: 10 air vents
Sizing system: Ultrafit+ system with height adjustment
Pads: Antibacterial pads
Design: Slick Fit

Sorry, this model has ran out of stock