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NEW! Bnb Bike Car Carrier: Ranger Pro

Bnb Bike Car Carrier - Ranger Pro

Bnb Bike Car Carrier - Ranger Pro (main)


Product highlights: 

Bnb Rack - 30 kg Bnb Rack 2 Bikes Bnb Rack - Tooless Design

Product specifications:

+ Mounts to car with spare tyre
+ Built with high strength steel and reinforced plastics
+ Adjustable arms to offset your off-centred tyre
+ 1 year warranty
+ 2 bikes capacity
+ 30kg weight restriction
+ Tools not required
+ Patented anti-sway multifaceted bike holders
+ Unique arm design
+ Safety strap included
+ Reflective end cap
+ Flat bracket mounts spare tyre in small space


RM 529